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New CyberSeek Features


A free cybersecurity workforce and career resource.

Several new features have been added to CyberSeek to provide greater visibility into the supply and demand of cybersecurity workers at the national, state, and metropolitan levels. One key new feature of the CyberSeek heat map is the ability to track data on cybersecurity job demand overall and within the public and private sectors. The CyberSeek career pathway, which maps to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, has also been enhanced to help both individuals interested in cybersecurity careers and employers looking to fill job openings. The expanded, interactive career pathway includes information on 10 core cybersecurity roles and 5 tech jobs that often serve as “feeder roles” to cybersecurity positions. 

The updated site also includes an embeddable heat map and career pathway widgets. Anyone interested in the cybersecurity workforce can embed versions of the heat map and career pathway on their websites with links back to

Released November 7, 2017, Updated January 3, 2018