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Full Agenda Announced for the NICE Conference & Expo

We are pleased to announce that the full agenda for the NICE Conference & Expo has been announced!

Join us for the 8th Annual NICE Conference on November 7-8, 2017 in Dayton, Ohio.  Presentations at the NICE Conference will focus on ways to promote and energize employers, government, businesses, educators, and the workforce to offer new opportunities to build a lively community full of ideas that solve one of our biggest challenges ... building a capable and robust cybersecurity workforce.
Tracks include:
Education and Training ... Curriculum, Training & KSAs
Community Collaboration ... Collaboration within the community for potential solutions national cybersecurity issues
Innovation and Technology ... Innovative ideas are presented in a new way along with discussions of emerging issues

Click here to view the full agenda.

Released August 23, 2017, Updated October 2, 2019