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Community Resilience Presentations and Media Coverage

The Community Resilience Group has engaged with organizations representing community officials to raise awareness about the value of NIST’s resilience guides and how they can help communities to be more resilient. NIST’s community resilience work has also been covered by a variety of media outlets.  Examples include:
Public Technology Institute webinar, including the approach and lessons learned in Fort Collins’ use of the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide (May 11, 2017):
National Association of Counties (NACo) webinar describing the 6-step process of the Community Resilience Planning Guide and how it can benefit communities (Aug. 4, 2016): 
A description of NIST's community resilience activities, including its social science-related work, Center of Excellence, and Planning Guide. Presented at the University of California, Riverside (November 7, 2016): 
Media Coverage:
A Guide for Turning Community Resilience Concerns into Practical, Prioritized Plans, International City and County Managers Association newsletter (Aug. 19, 2016): 
National League of Cities, Blog by Jerry Horak, Mayor Pro Tem of Fort Collins (July 18, 2016):


Weather Channel Interview on the NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide (May 30, 2016):
The NIST Economic Decision Guide is discussed on the Federal News Radio Disaster Resilience for America show (April 12, 2016): 
The Community Resilience Planning Guide is featured in a article (Jan. 30, 2016):

The NIST Community Resilience Planning Guide has been featured on  



Released June 23, 2017, Updated July 13, 2017