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Community, Consistency, and Content for Cybersecurity Education and Workforce Development

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Director, Rodney Petersen, was the keynote speaker for the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council (MASSTLC) on May 22, 2017, in Boston, MA. The event, Securing the Connected Commonwealth, served as the Launch of CYBERMA (Cyber Massachusetts), an affiliate of CyberUSA. Rodney described a recipe of 3C’s for cybersecurity education and workforce development: Community – employer driven with participation from learners (students and employees), academia, government, and non-profits, Consistency – standardized approaches including use of the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework, criteria for becoming a Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity, and tools like, and Content – substance that supports Knowledge Skills and Abilities in the NICE Framework, delivery to include hands-on learning environments, and performance-based assessments using tools like the NICE Challenge Project.

Released May 22, 2017, Updated June 15, 2017