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Seeking Input on the Baldrige Excellence Framework

  • What are the top leading-edge strategic and competitiveness challenges you are facing in your organization (or seeing in the organizations you work with)?
  • What are your specific, actionable suggestions for improving the Baldrige Excellence Framework (including the Criteria for Performance Excellence)?

For 28 years, organizational leaders have depended on the Baldrige framework to help them reach their goals, improve results, and become more competitive. To make sure that the Criteria always represent the leading edge of validated leadership and performance practice, we continually gather input from role-model organizations and from studies of these organizations and their CEOs to inform the evolution of the framework. We are now beginning to synthesize the findings and identify themes to incorporate into the 2017–2018 Criteria.

To further build this body of knowledge, we invite you to submit your answers to the questions above to iday [at] (iday[at]nist[dot]gov )by June 30, 2016. 

What will happen to all of this input?

  1. As the themes for revision emerge, we will share them, invite your responses and reactions, and reconcile conflicting recommendations.
  2. We'll draft the 2017–2018 Criteria, inviting experts in the Baldrige community who have been influential in the thought process leading to a theme to contribute to or review the revision.
  3. The draft Criteria will be sent to the Baldrige Board of Overseers and Judges Panel (the two advisory bodies to the Baldrige Program)—and to people whose comments have resulted in significant revisions to the Criteria—for comments and reactions.
  4. Using this input, we will produce the final version of the 2017–2018 Criteria for Performance Excellence (Business/Nonprofit Criteria).
  5. We'll align the Education and Health Care Criteria to the Business/Nonprofit Criteria and send them to a group of experts in each sector for review.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help us revise the Baldrige framework. We look forward to receiving your suggestions and comments at iday [at] (iday[at]nist[dot]gov).

Released February 29, 2016, Updated September 21, 2016