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White House Fact Sheet: Convening Manufacturing Leaders to Strengthen the Innovative Capabilities of the U.S. Supply Chain, including Small Manufacturers

Today the White House released a fact sheet on manufacturing that highlights efforts of NIST's Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership. 

Investing in the strength of small manufacturing firms and ensuring they have access to the latest cutting-edge technologies are key pillars of the President's strategy to accelerate progress in U.S. manufacturing and improve the competitiveness of our domestic supply chain in the 21st century. 

For decades, manufacturing has been essential in driving American growth and building our middle class—and after a decade of decline in the 2000s, when 40 percent of all large factories closed their doors, American manufacturing is playing that role again. Since February 2010, U.S. manufacturers have added nearly 900,000, the longest period of sustained manufacturing jobs growth in decades. 

Today, the White House hosted the White House Supply Chain Innovation Roundtable, a gathering leaders from over 20 manufacturers and suppliers committed to strengthening small manufacturers in their domestic supply chains.

Read the full announcement on the White House website.

Released July 9, 2015, Updated January 23, 2023