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New Data Show Baldrige State-by-State Impacts

Newly released data highlight benefits throughout the country of the network of state and local Baldrige-based programs called the Alliance for Performance Excellence. The Alliance is a key partner of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in helping organizations in every sector make improvements and achieve long-term success through application of the Baldrige framework for excellence, which is developed and distributed by the Baldrige Program.

Compiled by the Baldrige Program and available on our website, the new data are searchable by state and detail impacts of and information about each Alliance program. The Alliance member programs, like the national Baldrige Program, administer annual awards and provide assessments and feedback on organizations' performance using the Baldrige Excellence Framework, which includes the Criteria for Performance Excellence. The Alliance programs together have trained more than 30,000 examiners in using the Baldrige framework over the past 19 years. Overall, examiners from those programs volunteered around $30 million worth of their time in 2014 advancing improvements and excellence through Baldrige-based assessments and related services.

At the national level, through 2014, the Baldrige Program has trained more than 9,400 examiners in using the Baldrige framework and evaluation processes. In 2014 alone, 364 Baldrige examiners volunteered roughly $5.5 million in services. Baldrige examiners take knowledge on how to improve organizations using the Baldrige framework and evaluation process to their own organizations. There have been Baldrige examiners and award recipient organizations from nearly every state and the District of Columbia.

By searching the recently posted data by state, one can find out the number of organizations from the area that applied for the national Baldrige Award in recent years, the economic value for the state of its Baldrige Award-applicant organizations, the number of Baldrige examiners from the state, the financial value of those examiners' volunteer service in helping organizations improve through Baldrige assessments, and the names and sectors of organizations from the state that have been honored as national Baldrige Award recipients. Also featured are profiles of national and state-level Baldrige award-winning organizations now serving as role models for others. For example, a search of the impact data for Missouri reveals the following:

  • 45 Missouri applicants for the Baldrige Award (2005–2014)
  • 2 Missouri award applicants in 2013 represent over 1,200 jobs, 5 work locations, $272.5 million in revenues/budgets, and over 20.5 million customers served.
  • 7 Baldrige examiners from Missouri volunteered over $106,000 in services in 2014.

Searching the available data on Baldrige in Missouri also produces a list of the 9 diverse organizations in the state that have won the national Baldrige Award to date, plus a sample profile of one of those award recipients highlighting its successful performance results.

This sample search also produces a description of the Alliance program serving organizations in Missouri, the Excellence in Missouri Foundation; a list of the 2012–2014 recipients of the Missouri Quality Award that the foundation administers; and a profile of one of those organizations, Citizens Memorial Hospital.

The search results for Missouri next list the 11 long-term care and assisted-living providers in the state recognized by the Baldrige-based American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) National Quality Award in 2013 and 2014, as well as the veterans' hospital in Missouri honored in 2014 by the Robert W. Carey Performance Excellence Award of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, whose award criteria are aligned with the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

Released March 4, 2015, Updated August 17, 2018