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Ready to Work

Ready to Work
The White House recently announced its Ready to Work program to equip our workers with the skills to compete in a 21st –century economy. As part of this NICE, which is designed to improve cybersecurity education from K-12 to postgraduate schools in the United States, is taking new actions to expand the number of individuals who are prepared for in-demand cybersecurity jobs. NICE aims to expand pathways to cyber skills and jobs by developing an interactive US map that shows where cybersecurity job openings exist while identifying for applicants the skills the job requires and the training programs available to applicants seeking each job. NICE will also expand its active engagement with employers, academic institutions, and industry to promote cybersecurity education and training programs and opportunities at colleges and universities (particularly community colleges), technical schools, and accredited two-year proprietary schools.

Released July 22, 2014, Updated March 17, 2017