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NIST to Hold Cryptographic Key Management Workshop March 4-5

A workshop aimed at improving federal cryptographic key management systems will be held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)'s Gaithersburg, Md., campus on March 4-5, 2014.

The workshop will focus on discussing a draft NIST Special Publication that will establish specific requirements for federal organizations desiring to use or operate a cryptographic key management system. Protecting sensitive electronic information requires cryptographic algorithms that depend on "keys," the cryptographic equivalent of a password. Effectively managing the secure use and distribution of these keys is considered one of the most difficult aspects of cryptographic technology.

This draft publication up for discussion, SP 800-152 ("A Profile for U.S. Federal CKMS"), is based on the requirements in SP 800-130 ("A Framework for Designing Cryptographic Key Management Systems"), and is available for public comment at

Registration is required by Feb. 25 for permission to enter the NIST campus. Register online; onsite registration is not available. The conference also will be webcast, and registration is not required for viewing.

More information is available online.

Released February 11, 2014, Updated July 19, 2018