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Comments on Updated Guidance for Role-Based IT Security Training for Federal Employees Requested by Nov. 30

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Credit: vege/Fotolia

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is requesting comments on its updated draft publication on information technology and cybersecurity role-based training for federal organizations.

A Role-Based Model for Federal Information Technology/Cyber Security Training* is designed to provide a comprehensive and flexible methodology for developing training courses or modules for personnel who have been identified as having significant information technology or cyber security responsibilities within federal organizations.

It is important that each federal employee or contractor that owns, uses, relies on, or manages information and information systems —including all computer users—understands their specific information security responsibilities.  

The 30-day comment period for the draft of A Role-Based Model for Federal Information Technology/Cyber Security Training ends November 30, 2013. Please send comments to SP80016-comments [at] (subject: Comments%20NIST%20SP%20800-16)  with the subject "Comments NIST SP 800-16."

*A Role-Based Model for Federal Information Technology/Cyber Security Training, Special Publication 800-16 Revision 1 (2nd Public Draft) is available online.
Released November 20, 2013, Updated December 11, 2018