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NIST Goes to the End of the Earth for Measurement Science

NIST Boulder researcher Johannes (Hannes) Hubmayr

NIST Boulder researcher Johannes (Hannes) Hubmayr

Credit: NIST

NIST Boulder researcher Johannes (Hannes) Hubmayr recently spent several weeks at the South Pole Telescope, where he optimized the performance of a NIST camera delivered to the telescope in 2011. The camera measures signals generated fractions of a second after the Big Bang to help scientists learn about the conditions and evolution of the early universe. The instrument is performing remarkably well. Hubmayr's tasks included snowmobiling across the Antarctic tundra to set up equipment and climbing on top of the telescope to sweep snow away from the dish.

To learn more about the NIST project that is contributing to South Pole Telescope effort, go to the Quantum Sensors project page.

Released April 3, 2013, Updated February 3, 2023