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USTPO and NIST Unveil New IP Awareness Assessment Tool

The new Intellectual Property Awareness Assessment Tool developed by NIST MEP in collaboration with the US Patent and Trademark Office is now available for use. The tool is designed to guide business owners and inventor to consider critical intellectual property issues by providing customized menu of topics specific to their needs. The tool will also allow access to educational material developed by the USPTO. The IP Tool addresses Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Trade Secret, Licensing, International Rights, Strategies and IP asset Tracking. Once the simple assessment is completed the user gains access to a customized menu of educational materials on intellectual property developed by the USPTO and information on additional resources that offer helpful assistance. The intent is to help smaller manufacturers establish and employ an informed strategy to create value and protect their valuable IP assets. The tool is available on USPTO's website.

Released March 13, 2012, Updated January 12, 2023