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New Video Showcases NIST-Hosted Robotics Competitions in China

Virtual maze with black walls. Blue blobs represent the microrobots

Screenshot from a video of virtual robots moving pallets while maneuvering around each other in a simulation of a busy warehouse.

Credit: Laboratory for Robotics and Intelligent Control Systems (LARICS), University of Zagreb, CroatiaView video

If you enjoyed reading recently about the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-hosted robotics challenges in China, then you'll love actually seeing the robots in action.

A new video highlights the best of two of the competitions: the Mobile Microrobotics Challenge (MMC), where microscopic automatons navigate a maze about the size of a sesame seed and perform miniature manufacturing tasks; and the Virtual Manufacturing Automation Competition (VMAC), in which virtual robots pick up pallets, navigate around each other and load trucks in a simulated warehouse environment.

The contests are designed to prove the viability of advanced robotics and microrobotics technologies.

To learn more about the MMC and VMAC, go to and, respectively.

Released July 19, 2011, Updated January 13, 2023