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CNST Director Robert Celotta Elected Member-at-Large of the APS Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics

CNST Director Robert Celotta has been elected as a Member-at-Large of the American Physical Society (APS) Forum on Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP).

FIAP was formed in 1995 with the objective of enhancing the ability of the APS "to meet the needs of the industrial and applied physics community," and help the APS to "take advantage of the evolving opportunities in the practice and application of physics." It has since grown into the largest APS forum. 

During his term, which runs from 2011 to 2014, Celotta will serve as a member of the FIAP Executive and Fellowship Committees, and represent FIAP to the APS as a whole. Coming from NIST, a national laboratory that has always had a close connection to the nation's industries, Celotta hopes to bring a different and helpful perspective to the Forum. He is particularly interested in "exploring and showcasing new promising, or older accomplished, ways that industrial, academic, and governmental organizations can work together." He has also committed to working to "highlight the creative and important contributions of those working in areas of applied physics, particularly to younger scientists to inform their career choice."  

Released June 1, 2011, Updated December 27, 2022