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Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy

A comprehensive review of the nexus between cybersecurity challenges in the commercial sector and innovation in the Internet economy that is being conducted by The Department of Commerce's Internet Policy Task Force is the subject of the referenced Notice of Inquiry. The Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology is involved in this cybersecurity effort. The Notice of Inquiry seeks comments from all stakeholders, including the commercial, academic and civil society sectors, on measures to improve cybersecurity while sustaining innovation. Preserving innovation, as well as private sector and consumer confidence in the security of the Internet economy, are important for promoting economic prosperity and social well-being overall. In particular, the Department seeks to develop an up-to-date understanding of the current public policy and operational challenges affecting cybersecurity, as those challenges may shape the future direction of the Internet and its commercial use, both domestically and globally. After analyzing comments on this Notice, the Department intends to issue a report that will contribute to the Administration's domestic and international policies and activities in advancing both cybersecurity and the Internet economy.

The Commerce Department today issued a news release describing the Notice of Inquiry and a full-day public symposium devoted to cybersecurity.

View the Federal Register Notice.

 Read the news release here.

Released July 27, 2010, Updated January 12, 2023