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James Alexander Liddle Becomes Contributing Editor of InterNano

J. Alexander Liddle has accepted an invitation from InterNano to be a contributing editor for expert reviews in the topical category of Advanced Processes and Tools. InterNano is the information clearinghouse of the National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), publishing expert reviews of peer-reviewed literature, in addition to aggregating and providing access to material for the nanomanufacturing community.

As a contributing editor, Alex generates reviews of advances in the field of nanomanufacturing, with a special emphasis on high-throughput techniques involving self- and directed-assembly. His contributions include identifying relevant articles, soliciting and approving reviews, building an author pool, and defining the topical category.

Alex leads the CNST Nanofabrication Research Group, where he develops measurement methods and fabrication techniques related to self-assembly in nanoparticle and diblock-copolymer systems. He also assists industrial, academic, and government researchers to support nanotechnology development through the research he directs and leads, and through his support of the CNST NanoFab.

Released February 16, 2010, Updated December 27, 2022