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Agilent CTO Joins NIST Advisory Group

Darlene J.S. Solomon, chief technology officer for Agilent Technologies, has been chosen to serve on the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology (VCAT), the primary policy advisory board of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Solomon's three-year term runs through Jan. 2, 2013.

Solomon joined Agilent Technologies when the company was first formed in 1999 and has also served as vice president and director of Agilent Laboratories. Prior to her time at Agilent, Solomon worked at Hewlett Packard as a member of the technical staff. With numerous patents and publications to her name, Solomon was inducted into the Women in Technology International's Hall of Fame in 2001 and named to Corporate Board Member's 50 Top Women in Technology in 2008.

Solomon serves on numerous other academic and government advisory and review boards, including the National Research Council Review Committee for NIST, California's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Nanotechnology (as the chair of R&D), and an external advisory board for the National Science Foundation Nanobiotechnology Center.

The VCAT was established by Congress in 1988 to review and make recommendations on NIST's policies, organization, budget and programs, and was recently updated by the 2007 America COMPETES Act. The next VCAT meeting will take place Feb. 2-3, 2010 in Gaithersburg, Md.

For a list of all members and more information, see the VCAT Web page at

Released January 12, 2010, Updated January 25, 2023