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AIAG Honors Peter Denno with Outstanding Achievement Award

The Automotive Industry Action (AIAG) awarded Peter Denno the Outstanding Achievement Award for substantial contribution and leadership on behalf of the automotive industry. They proudly present this award because without the hard work, dedication and support, of Peter and his fellow volunteers, many cost-saving standards and guidelines - used around the globe to achieve a seamless, efficient and responsible supply chain -would never have come to fruition.

Researcher Peter Denno of NIST's Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory also was recognized at the October 8 AIAG ceremony for his contribution to AIAG with a 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award for his leadership and contributions on the Materials Off-Shore Sourcing (MOSS) data standardization and process management supply chain management project. Denno led the development of information exchange standards for the MOSS project to improve the efficiency of operating long-distance supply chains of ocean-going automotive parts into U.S. assembly plants. Supply chain logistics account for about 10 percent of the cost of the car—the same amount as labor. Denno also received the Outstanding Achievement Award in 2008.

*AIAG Official Press Release

Released October 9, 2009, Updated May 9, 2017