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NIST Physicist, Chemist Receive Federal Public Service Award

Physicist Sae Woo Nam and chemist Stephan Stranick of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are among 12 federal employees who were presented with the Arthur S. Flemming Award in ceremonies held June 1, 2009, at George Washington University. Established in 1948, the Flemming Awards honor those with three to 15 years of public service for extraordinary contributions to the federal government.

Nam was recognized for his "pioneering contributions and leadership in the field of single photonics." The award citation notes that Nam is "known worldwide for the invention and application of groundbreaking single photon detection systems, which are furthering some of the world's most challenging endeavors, including quantum cryptography, quantum computing, the examination of fundamental assumptions of quantum mechanics, and the ultimate traceability of optical power.

Stranick received his award for "innovations in chemical imaging microscopy techniques below the diffraction limit of light." Strancik's citation notes that his "design and demonstration of novel near-field optical microscopy platforms have resulted in dramatic spatial resolution improvements in the visible, infrared and microwave wavelength regimes. His innovations led to marked increases in sensitivity and throughput, allowing for far greater applicability of spectroscopic techniques such as Raman to industrially relevant chemical systems."

For more information see the Arthur S. Flemming Awards web page.

Released June 30, 2009, Updated January 13, 2023