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New Electron Beam Lithography System Now Available

The NanoFab now has a second electron beam nanolithography system on line, model JEOL JBX-6300FX. The beam deflection unit employs a 19 bit DAC unit for accuracy, it scans and writes at 12 Mhz speeds, and it can handle accelerating voltages of 25, 50 and 100 kilovolts with a 2 nm minimum spot sized write target. The new system complements the NanoFab's first e-beam writer, the Vistec VB300, which scans and writes at 50 Mhz with 50 to 100 kV accelerating voltages. Both units can write to better than 25 nm stitching and overlay accuracy. The real versatility afforded by using two e-beam units is due to their locations. The Vistec unit remains in the NanoFab's class 100 cleanroom, while the new JEOL unit resides outside the cleanroom environment. The new addition adds an additional lithography element to the CNST's advanced suite of lithography which also includes a laser pattern generator, nanoimprint, and focused ion beam writers.
Released June 11, 2009, Updated April 11, 2013