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CNST Research Featured in ACS Nano Perspective

In a recent report in the journal ACS Nano,* researchers in the CNST Nanofabrication Research Group and Electron Physics Group reported their success at precise, high-speed 3D fluidic nanoparticle tracking using an emerging technique called orthogonal tracking microscopy. Several groups around the world have begun adopting this technique, in which angled micromirrors are placed in the field of view of a microscope in order to get side-on views of the object being studied. The CNST team, led by Drs. J. Alexander Liddle and Jabez McClelland, is now the first to demonstrate 3D particle tracking with a precision <20 nm at fast imaging speeds (330 frames per second). The precision and speed of these experiments have generated a great deal of excitement in the field, resulting in this publication being highlighted by an accompanying Perspective article [Seale et al., ACS Nano 3, 493 (2009)]. The Perspective was written by researchers at Vanderbilt University who are working on imaging biological cells from multiple perspectives using the same technique. 

*3D Particle Trajectories by Orthogonal Tracking Microscopy, M. D. McMahon, A. J. Berglund, P. T. Carmichael, J. J. McClelland, and J. A. Liddle, ACS Nano 3, 614 (2009).

Released April 16, 2009, Updated January 23, 2023