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NIST Researcher Receives Kudos for Images of Labs on a Chip

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) bioengineer Greg Cooksey is equally talented behind the lens of a camera as he is engineering complex microfluidic devices for biology experiments—and recently, he's received quite a bit of recognition for combining the two skills. In the past year, Cooksey's photomicrographs—most often portraying the colorful beauty of dyes flowing through his designs—have been showcased in the Images from the Science 2 exhibition staged by the Rochester Institute of Technology (… and…), featured in Discover Magazine (…) and honored as an "image of distinction" in the 2008 Nikon Small World contest ( Upcoming venues for Cooksey's photographs include Science Illustrated and SEED magazines.

Released November 12, 2008, Updated January 25, 2023