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Reports from Five Radiation Safety and Health Experts on the June 9 Plutonium Incident

NIST is conducting an internal investigation into the causes of a June 9 incident in which a vial containing a 1/4 gram (1/100th ounce) of plutonium cracked, spilling the material. The investigation will also evaluate the effectiveness of NIST's actions in responding to the incident.

In conducting its investigation, NIST has requested assistance from five radiation health and safety experts. The reports below were authored by these experts and will be used to inform NIST's findings. Other than the redactions described below, the reports have not been edited by NIST.

In those instances where the author of a report has not already done so, NIST has made the decision to redact from the reports the names of the individuals directly involved in the incident or in directing the response to it, who have not previously been identified publicly, out of respect for the personal privacy of those individuals.

Additional information on the NIST Boulder plutonium incident is available online.

Released July 11, 2008, Updated February 2, 2023