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NIST Staff Honored for Technology Transfer

John Lehman, Chris Cromer and Xiaoyu Li of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have received a 2008 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer from the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC). The award honors employees who have accomplished outstanding work in the process of transferring a technology developed by a federal laboratory. The nominations are judged by representatives from industry, state and local government, academia and federal laboratories.

Over a number of years, NIST staff developed optical power detectors that offer high accuracy for calibration of silicon detectors, fiber-optic power meters and laser power meters. The technology previously was transferred to several branches of the military and other national metrology institutes. The FLC awarded a certificate for excellence in technology transfer to Don Dooley, president of Spectrum Detector Inc. of Lake Oswego, Ore., which recently commercialized products based on the NIST technology.

In the awards brochure, the FLC noted that transfer of this technology is "enabling innovation in such diverse areas as optical communications, laser machining and medicine ... This invention has successfully decreased metrological uncertainty for commercial manufacturers and users of energy meters and National Metrology Institutes worldwide and through this technology transfer is improving manufacturing operations and product quality across multiple industries."

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Released May 28, 2008, Updated January 19, 2023