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Nineteen Local Residents Receive High Honors From Commerce Department

Commerce Secretary Ronald Brown today presented 19 local employees at the National Institute of Standards and Technology with Gold and Silver Medal Awards—the two highest honor awards presented by the department.

Gold Medalists

  • The Gold Medal, presented for "distinguished achievements of major significance to the department or the nation," was awarded to 10 local residents.
  • Donald L. Hunston, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Leader, Polymer Composites Group, Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory: "For leadership of the polymer composites program at NIST that provides measurement support for high-speed processing to U.S. industry."
  • Michael R. Rubin, SILVER SPRING, Md., Deputy Chief Counsel for NIST, DoC Office of the General Counsel: "For legal services and support to the department in establishing critical FIP standards on cryptography."
  • Hratch G. Semerjian, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Director, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory: "For managerial and scientific leadership as director of the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory."
  • Charles R. Tilford, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Leader, Vacuum Group, Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory: "For leadership and technical contributions in establishing NIST's world-class programs on vacuum and low-flow-rate measurements and standards."
  • Jau Shi Jun, BETHESDA, Md., Computer Scientist; John A. Kramar, GERMANTOWN, Md., Research Chemist; William B. Penzes, NEW CARROLLTON, Electrical Engineer; Fredric E. Scire, FREDERICK, Mechanical Engineer; E. Clayton Teague, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Leader, Nano-Scale Metrology Group; and John S. Villarrubia, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Physicist, Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory: "For fundamentally advancing the state of the art of measurement to nanometer accuracies through development of the NIST Molecular Measuring Machine."

Silver Medal

Nine local residents were honored with the Silver Medal, given for "meritorious contributions of exceptional value to the department."

  • Brian C. Belanger, ROCKVILLE, Md., Deputy Director, Advanced Technology Program: "For sustained leadership in starting, building, and managing the Advanced Technology Program."
  • Michael W. Cresswell, FREDERICK, Md., Physicist, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory: "For leading the effort to create the U.S. standard mask ring for X-ray lithography needed for pursuit of this technology for fine-scale fabrication."
  • David D. Evans, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Acting Chief, Fire Safety Engineering Division, Building and Fire Research Laboratory: "For technical leadership of research resulting in acceptance of in-situ burning as a low-cost and environmentally benign method for oil spill clean-up."
  • Cita M. Furlani, ROCKVILLE, Md., Chief, Office of Enterprise Integration, Computer Systems Laboratory: "For leadership of interagency activities that advance applications of information technology on the National Information Infrastructure."
  • William L. Grosshandler, BETHESDA, Md., Leader, Fire Sensing and Extinguishment Group, Building and Fire Research Laboratory: "For research on evaluating alternative fire suppressants for aircraft, providing manufacturers and users of aircraft with the current optimal choice."
  • Roger D. Kilmer, GAITHERSBURG, Md., Associate Director for Technical Operations, Manufacturing Extension Partnership: "For leadership as the NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership technical liaison to the interagency Technology Reinvestment Project initiative."
  • Walter G. Leight, BETHESDA, Md., Deputy Director, Office of Standards Services, Technology Services: "For long-term contributions to NIST programs in support of trade, including development and implementation of major standards-and-trade initiatives."
  • Joseph R. Kinard, DARNESTOWN, Md., Physicist, and Donald B. Novotny, BETHESDA, Md., Supervisory Chemist, Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory: "For the development of a new-technology, superior-performance, thin-film multijunction ac-dc standard and transfer of this technology to industry."

As a non-regulatory agency of the Commerce Department's Technology Administration, NIST promotes U.S. economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply technology, measurements, and standards.

Released October 11, 1995, Updated November 27, 2017