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Keeping Up With Folic Acid Fortification

What: SRM 3949 is a new material with several improvements compared to the original SRM 1955. It is comprised of three levels of folates in human serum. Why

OSAC Standards Bulletin, February 2019

This Bulletin provides an update on forensic science standards that are moving through the development process at Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs), and

Healthcare and Food Safety

NIST SRM 3030 Monomethylarsonic Acid Standard SolutionNIST SRM 3031 Dimethylarsinic Acid Standard SolutionNIST SRM 3033 Arsenobetaine Standard Solution NIST

PSCR Engages with Industry at CES2019

By PSCR Staff In January 2019, a small group of PSCR staff, students, and affiliates journeyed to Las Vegas, Nevada for four days of exhibition at the

Weathered Oil - That's Distressing

What: SRM 2777 is composed of a naturally weathered crude oil extracted from oil-soaked sand that was collected from a beach that was impacted by the Deepwater

Danger - Do Not Look Directly at Laser

What: SRM 606 provides a solid sample for the analysis for trace elements in a natural ferro-magnesian silicate glass. Why: Natural glass is formed when

Retroactive Pay Guidance for NIST Employees

Below is guidance on pay, leave, and time and attendance for our resumed operations. Please read all materials and carefully execute the actions noted in the