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A Science Comedian's Guide to Communicating Science

Image provided by Brian Malow

If you drew a Venn Diagram featuring the two sets "science" and "comedy," you might not expect to find much at their intersection. But Brian Malow draws on two decades as a stand-up comedian to help scientists communicate better with general audiences. In a presentation that promises to both amuse and educate, Brian will offer advice on a range of topics including stage presence, connecting with audiences, using analogies, and abusing PowerPoint. Brian Malow is Earth's premier science comedian (self-proclaimed). He has worked with a number of Federal agencies and scientific societies. He has produced content for Time Magazine and Neil deGrasseTyson's radio show. Brian has appeared on television numerous times –including co-hosting "Hacking the Planet" and "The Truth About Twisters" on The Weather Channel. He currently works in science communication for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and is an active blogger.

Brian Malow
Science Comedian
Actor, Writer, and Producer
Science Communication Expert

Created November 10, 2015, Updated January 5, 2017