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Roadmapping Workshop: Measurement of Security Technology Performance Impacts for Industrial Control System

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is hosting a two-day Measurement of Security Technology Performance Impacts for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Workshop to advance understanding of technology and measurement needs and priorities in this high priority manufacturing technology area.

This workshop will bring together ICS security experts from diverse stakeholder groups. Drawing from prior efforts to identify technology issues and research and development (R&D) needs, participants will collaborate in identifying the top measurement science challenges and associated R&D needs for ICS security performance. The results of the workshop will serve as the foundation for development of a measurement science roadmap for ICS security performance research at NIST; contribute to data and analysis to inform future NIST technical programs and strategic planning; provide useful information to other government agencies and stakeholders engaged in ICS security; and identify opportunities to leverage and inform the Cybersecurity Framework under development in response to Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

Workshop Format

Stage-setting speakers and panel discussions will pave the way for facilitated breakout sessions during the workshop. Emphasis will be on defining measurement science requirements and priorities in areas such as:

  • Security technology performance impacts for ICS
  • Security architecture performance impacts for ICS
  • Modeling and simulation of security performance impact for ICS
  • Additional ICS security research opportunities

What is your take on the issues?

Registrants and other interested individuals are invited to submit optional one-page white papers prior to the workshop to start discussions on measurement and standards challenges for ICS. See the the Registration Website for instructions.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop aims to identify and prioritize:

  • Measurement science needs for determining security technology performance impacts for ICS
  • Measurement science barriers, challenges, and gaps that prevent the broad use of security technologies for ICS
  • R&D needed to address the priority measurement and standards challenges

Who should attend:

Industrial control system security stakeholders including: system users, builders, testbed researchers, university researchers, and government agencies

As a participant, you will:

  •  Help inform future technical programs and standards activities in industrial control system security.
  •  Hear perspectives from key companies, researchers, and decision-makers
  • Create/improve collaboration opportunities with peers working in the field

Created October 17, 2013, Updated May 13, 2016