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Roadmapping Workshop on Measurement Science for Prognostics and Health Management of Smart Manufacturing Systems

Recent advances in manufacturing technologies have accelerated the cost-effective production of custom

ized products that meet evolving consumer demands. These advances also increase the complexity of system, sub-system, and component interactions within smart manufacturing systems, impacting how we predict specific failures, minimize their impact, and mitigate future failures.

On November 19-20, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will host the Roadmapping Workskop on Measurement Science for Prognostics and Health Management of Smart Manufacturing Systems. At this workshop, participants will identify measurement science challenges and associated research and development (R&D) needs for Prognostics and Health Management for Smart Manufacturing Systems (PHM4SMS). Join us in building a measurement science roadmap for PHM community's research and technology development efforts, informing NIST technical programs, and to collaborate with peers in the field.


To identify and prioritize:


  • Measurement science needs for improving PHM impacts within manufacturing processes;
  • Measurement science barriers, challenges, and gaps that prevent the broad use of PHM technologies for manufacturing processes;
  • R&D needed to address the priority measurement and standards challenges.


Expert speakers and panel discussions will be followed by facilitated breakout sessions aimed at defining measurement science requirements and priorities in the following areas:



  • PHM manufacturing process techniques and metrics;
  • PHM performance assessment;
  • PHM infrastructure – hardware, software, and integration;
  • Additional manufacturing process PHM research opportunities.


The workshop is intended for prognostic and diagnostic experts in manufacturing and other industries including: small/medium/large manufacturers, technology developers, integrators, university researchers, standards organizations, and government agencies. Participants will:



  • Help inform future technical programs and standards activities in PHM within the manufacturing community;
  • Hear perspectives from key companies, researchers, and technology integrators;
  • Create and improve collaboration opportunities with peers working in the field.




Agenda with presentations linked.

Final Report:

Click on the image below to download the report.

Measurement Science Roadmap for Prognostics and Health Management for Smart Manufacturing Systems



Created September 12, 2014, Updated March 15, 2017