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With the advances in LED efficiency over the last several years, solid state lighting in the marketplace has grown significantly. This includes outdoor full color displays, street and parking deck lighting, indoor lighting and handheld devices. In each application, there is an optimization between the LED chips, the components they are encapsulated into, and the lighting systems made from these components. Dr. Edmond will share several aspects of these lighting systems, including chip design, the chip interaction with phosphors, and their incorporation in various component types. System optimization with respect to electrical and optical characteristics such as voltage, color temperature, color rendering index and luminous efficiency will also be discussed. Dr. Edmond will also present several key aspects of what matters for the growth of the solid state lighting market going forward.
Image provided by John Edmond

John Edmond
CREE, Inc. Co-Founder
Director, Advanced Optoelectronics Technology

Created September 25, 2015, Updated January 5, 2017