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NICE Webinar: Equity Strategies in Youth Apprenticeship Programs and Partnerships

NICE Webinar Banner (2023)


Rachel Hemond 
VP Administration
Acorn Technology Services

Johanna Caplan
Education Manager
Say Yes Buffalo

Megan Brown
Training & TA Specialist

Michael Prebil
Cybersecurity Workforce  Analyst


Youth apprenticeship delivers paid work-based learning to students still enrolled in high school, as well as recent graduates. As cybersecurity and technology stakeholders in government, industry, and the education sector explore youth apprenticeship and other youth work-based learning options, it's important to acknowledge the intricate work of partnership development and program design that are needed to deliver equitable opportunities for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. This webinar, coinciding with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Youth Apprenticeship Week, will share advice and lessons learned that can support initiatives that meet the needs of employers and young learners alike.


Building an Apprenticeship Infrastructure for Youth Receiving SSI Report (2021)
Cybersecurity Youth Apprenticeship Initiative (CYAI)
National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity youth apprenticeship Toolkit (2020)
The Current State of Diversity and Equity in U.S. Apprenticeships For Young People Report (2022)
Untapped Opportunities: Registered Apprenticeships for Youth with Just System Involvement 
Uplifting Strategies to Engage Tribal Youth in Registered Apprenticeship Programs
Youth Apprenticeship Week

Created April 3, 2024, Updated April 17, 2024