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NICE Webinar: Efforts to Align Training and Certifications to the NICE Framework


NICE Webinar Archives Photo


NICE Webinar:  Efforts to Align Training and Certifications to the NICE Framework
NICE Webinar: Efforts to Align Training and Certifications to the NICE Framework

The PowerPoint slides used during the webinar can be downloaded here


Bill Newhouse 

Deputy Director 
National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) 
National Institute of Standards and Technology


Bill Newhouse_NICE

Jeff Frisk 

Cybersecurity Credentials Collaborative (C3) board member 
Director of Global Information Assurance Certification Program (GIAC) 

Jeff Frisk



Cybersecurity Credentials Collaborative (C3) board member 
Sr. Manager of Cybersecurity Exams at ISACA 

Jonathon Brandt


Chris Kelsall

Cyber IT/Cybersecurity Workforce Program Manager 
Secretary of the Navy, Office of the CIO

Dept of Navy Seal


Douglas Rausch, MS, CISSP

Assistant Professor and Program Director 
Undergraduate and Graduate Cybersecurity program 
Bellevue University


Doug Rausch


Purpose: This webinar will provide an overview of the new NICE Framework (NIST Special Publication 800-181) and describe ongoing efforts about how and why training and certifications are being aligned to the NICE Framework.

Cybersecurity certifications are valuable credentials that complement academic degrees, work experience, and other expressions of a job candidates’ qualifications. Certifications provide evidence of a person's specific knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) and are most valuable when they are both recognizable and verifiable.

Mapping certifications to specialty areas has been done in the past and with the advent of the NICE Working Group Training and Certifications subgroup and the publication of the NICE Framework (NIST SP 800-181), additional efforts have begun to map certifications to the work roles identified in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

Such mappings are useful for current and aspiring cybersecurity workers as well as those responsible for hiring their cybersecurity workforce and developing career paths in cybersecurity for employees.

This webinar will include an overview of the NICE framework.

The webinar will introduce efforts to identify some of the standards being used by organizations to identify and map certifications for their cybersecurity workforce and the challenges in developing a mapping of certifications.

The webinar will offer insight into how mapping certifications to the NICE Framework can support the needs of workforce developers, why employers and students benefit from use of performance levels for cybersecurity work, and what certification providers are doing with regards to mapping certifications and why.


Created August 28, 2017, Updated July 23, 2020