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Model-Based Enterprise Summit 2014

The purpose of the Summit is to identify challenges, research, implementation issues, and lessons learned in manufacturing and quality assurance where a digital three-dimensional (3D) model of the product serves as the authoritative information source for all activities in the product's lifecycle. The technical thrust areas this year are 1) NIST MBE program overview, 2) MBE in other industries, and 3) MBE Tools Update for Implementation, 4) Engineering Modeling Support to Acquisition, and 5) Institutes for Manufacturing Overviews.



The next MBE Summit is scheduled for April 12 -14, 2016. More information will be provided soon! 


2014 MBE Summit

**Click here to see the full agenda of presentations**

"I found the presentations and testimonial case studies very interesting and encouraging. The government and standards bodies seemed to recognize the benefit of a summit that helped to raise visibility on common challenges that could be examined and solved from both the public and private sectors." IMTS Insider newsletter, 1/10/13.

"With the MBE/TDP Summit 2012 happening the week of Dec 10, I reviewed the report from last year's summit. Love the intro and conclusions; all very well written. Not only do I agree with points 5.1-4 from the conclusion, but would append to point 5, the call for the open standard to comprehensively cover deliverable structure and MBDefinition guidance for assemblies." From Jennifer Heron, Action Engineering.

"This is worth a read to anyone involved in manufacturing looking to see what is going on at NIST with regards to Model Based Enterprise/Technical Data Package efforts....." – Greg Baker, 3D PDF Consortium, re. the Model-Based Engineering / Technical Data Package Summit Report, 8/16/12

"It may mean a more economical way to run your business, a more profitable way to build your business and potentially a more realistic way to visualize your business. It is not by accident that a common business thread is found when endeavoring to incorporate a common digital thread; one of the best uses of technology is enabling a better business." -Tim Shinbara, Technical Director, Association for Manufacturing Technology, from Model-Based Enterprise/Engineering (MBE): enabling the digital thread.



Created July 23, 2014, Updated September 21, 2016