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Measuring People: From Elementary Counting to Better Healthcare

Image credit: CLUC (CCBY-NC-ND 2.0)

The quality assurance of measurement involving people when products and services, such as patient-centered health care, are evaluated perceptively, with concepts such as reliability and validity, is at least as important as that established in physical measurement. But metrology in the perceptive context, typically with ordinal data, is relatively underdeveloped. This is despite increasing demand for measurements of this kind for decision making – in conformity assessment for well-being, safety, trade, economy and so on. Dr. Pendrill will investigate links between psychometric approaches (such as Rasch) and more traditional metrological analyses for a number of elementary cases where the 'true' measurement value is known and well-defined.

Leslie Pendrill, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Created February 26, 2014, Updated January 5, 2017