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The Grid 3.0 Workshop builds on the success of the November 13, 2015 Electricity Sector Issues Roundtable: Grid 3.0 and Beyond, which was organized by a partnership of six government and industry organizations and is part of a planning process that aims to help shape the grid's future. The next step in this planning process is the Grid 3.0 Workshop, which is designed to dive in deeper into the interoperability challenges identified at the Roundtable and to work collaboratively to develop the action plans needed to overcome these challenges.

In this context, "Grid 1.0" can be thought of as the legacy grid of the 20th century, "Grid 2.0" is the emergence of the smart grid with automation and information technology improvements, and "Grid 3.0" is what comes next: for example, a future grid with advanced grid operations and greater interactions with consumers and other infrastructures. The Grid 3.0 Workshop will bring together experts from a variety of stakeholders including utilities, ISOs / RTOs, regulators, federal agencies, manufacturers and researchers to key topics emerging from the Roundtable discussion, such as: Resilience; Reliability (including efficiency and sustainability); Emerging and evolving markets; New actors in the grid ecosystem; and the Pace of technology innovation. The Workshop will have plenary sessions and theme-organized breakout sessions, to be determined.



Department of Energy (DOE)

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP)

GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC)

NEMA and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Hilton Hotel
620 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg MD 20877
$139/night Block Name: NIST
Includes breakfast and internet
Complimentary shuttle service to and from NIST Campus
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Participants will receive instructions to facilitate registration for on-site attendance – photo identification must be presented at the main gate to be admitted to the conference. International attendees are required to present a passport. Attendees must wear their conference badge at all times while on the campus. Registered attendees will receive security and campus instructions prior to the workshop.

Effective July 21, 2014, under the REAL ID Act of 2005, federal agencies, including NIST, can only accept a state-issued driver's license or identification card for access to federal facilities if issued by states that are REAL ID compliant or have an extension. Driver's licenses from certain states and territories are not compliant with the Real ID Act of 2005 and will not be accepted as identification. For more information, please visit this page >>

NON U.S. CITIZENS PLEASE NOTE: All foreign national visitors who do not have permanent resident status and who wish to register for the above meeting must supply additional information. Failure to provide this information prior to arrival will result, at a minimum, in significant delays (up to 24 hours) in entering the facility. Authority to gather this information is derived from United States Department of Commerce Department Administrative Order (DAO) number 207-12. When registration is open, the required NIST-1260 form will be available as well.
Created January 23, 2015, Updated May 13, 2016