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Building A Strong Community Investment Plan

Square with rounded edges. Fill of square looks like American flag. Coming off the sides of the square are lines with unfilled circles at end. Words underneath: CHIPS for AMERICA

The CHIPS Program Office will host a webinar focused on “Building A Strong Community Investment Plan” as a resource for applicants responding to the CHIPS Incentives Program – Commercial Fabrication Facilities Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO 1), as amended, dated June 23, 2023 and the CHIPS Incentives Program – Facilities for Semiconductor Materials and Manufacturing Equipment Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO 2) dated September 29, 2023. This webinar is meant to supplement the NOFOs and will focus on community investment strategies. Please join CHIPS for America policy specialists to learn more about the tools and resources available in support of applicants working to develop community investment plans.

Created April 5, 2024