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5839 MidAmerica Measurement Assurance Program, MidMAP

NIST Handbook 143, Program Handbook (2019) details the criteria used for OWM Laboratory Recognition.  NIST Handbook 143, Section 4 and Table 2 notes that annual attendance at the RMAP training session is required for ongoing laboratory Recognition.  Participation in OWM proficiency tests (PTs) requires completion of training requirements to the applicable levels for each procedure and requires attendance at the annual RMAP training sessions.
Note: Laboratories must bring a copy of their ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard.

Learning Objectives

See the detailed objectives that are provided for each module.  Overall, the learning objectives are developed to enable metrologists to implement best practices into their laboratory program and share concepts with others in their laboratory who are unable to attend the training. 

Materials & Supplies

Reference materials and Notebook will be available via Google Drive.  Instructions will be provided to registered participants, once their registration has been accepted (Registrations are accepted ‘after’ the registration deadline).


None required.


Not applicable.  


Not applicable.

Minimum Requirements

Successful completion requires full attendance and participation in group activities.  If any participants leave early, attendance certificates will be adjusted accordingly.  However, if these measurements are on the laboratory Scope, State lab participants are expected to stay for the full session.


**Regional Measurement Assurance Program "MEMBERS" (State and Industry RMAP member laboratories).


TWO registrations are required for each event (first with OWM and second with the local host).  

  1. The OWM Contacts System is used to generate attendee registration lists, name tags/tent cards, adequate training materials, and training certificates.  This registration list is shared with each host.  
  2. REGISTRATION FEE: $342.55 per person. However, this price can change with the number of attendees, but this includes a breakfast and two snack periods per day during the conference.

    PARKING: Offsite parking is anywhere from 10 dollars a night to really expensive. Hotel parking is $54/day and no in-and-out privileges.


Isabel Chavez Baucom, Elizabeth Koncki, and Micheal Hicks
Phone: (301) 975-2128
Email: isabel.chavez.baucom [at] (isabel[dot]chavez[dot]baucom[at]nist[dot]gov)

Technology Requirements

Participants need to bring applicable Quality Management System laboratory files (SOP related to PT, Environmental Conditions, Customer Complaints, etc) for hands-on activities and review of resources that will be used during training.  Electronic files with a laptop are suggested for easier searching. Users must be able to access USB drives on their laptops or download from Google Drive.


John Satterlee
Illinois Department of Agriculture
Email:  john.satterlee [at] (john[dot]satterlee[at]illinois[dot]gov)
Phone: (217) 785-8480

The deadline to make reservations is September 5.

Congress Plaza Hotel
520 South Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60605

ROOM RATE: $198.41 per night for a King/Double room, with tax included
PARKING:  Parking is not cheap in the area, offsite parking is anywhere from $10 dollars a night to really expensive. Hotel parking is $54/day and no in-and-out privileges.. Using Uber is going to be your best bet for most travel related items.


Vanessa Rosado Aguilar
Email: vrosado [at] (vrosado[at]congressplazahotel[dot]com)

Phone:  (312) 427-3800 Ext 5074

Karen Rodriguez
Email: KRodriguez [at] (KRodriguez[at]congressplazahotel[dot]com)

Phone:  (312) 427-3800 Ext 5078

Created September 26, 2022, Updated August 30, 2023