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FISSEA Summer Forum: August 23, 2023

FISSEA Federal Cybersecurity, Innovation, Awareness, Training
Credit: NIST
FISSEA Summer Forum 2023
FISSEA Summer Forum 2023

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The FISSEA Forums are quarterly meetings to provide opportunities for policy and programmatic updates, the exchange of best practices, and discussion and engagement among members of the Federal Information Security Educators (FISSEA) community. 




FISSEA Welcoming Remarks

Marian Merritt, NICE Deputy Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology




Welcome and Event Logistics

Kendra Henthorne, FISSEA Co-Chair




Opening Keynote - "AI: Where We’re Going and How (Not?) to Get There"

Anthony Boese, Interagency Programs Manager and Ethics Officer, National Artificial Intelligence Institute, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs




Privacy and Ethics as a Foundation for AI Risk Management Training

Julie McEwen, Privacy Capability Area Lead, Principal Cybersecurity & Privacy Engineer, MITRE

The use of AI can present a number of privacy risks, and appropriate training can help with managing those risks. This presentation will discuss core AI concepts, foundational privacy concepts, AI risks and privacy, and the synergy between privacy governance and AI governance. Recommendations for addressing AI governance and AI privacy considerations in AI risk management training will also be provided.








Phishing for User Context: Understanding the NIST Phish Scale

Dr. Shanee Dawkins, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Jody Jacobs, Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology

The NIST Phish Scale is a method for measuring human phishing detection difficulty, providing a metric – a phishing email detection difficulty rating – for phishing training implementers to gain a better understanding of the variability in click rates resulting from their phishing training exercises. This talk will give an overview of the role user context plays in phishing detection and how our research led to the creation of the NIST Phish Scale. We will also present the NIST Phish Scale in detail, highlighting new ways to apply it in phishing awareness programs.


3:00pm – 3:30pm


The Future with AI

Tushar Rathod, Enterprise Architecture, Social Security Administration

AI will have a profound impact on how we work, play and live in the near future. This presentation explores, prompts and postulates future trends with the advent of AI, as it matures & delivers on its promise.


3:30pm – 3:55pm


Role-Based Training, An Epic Tale of Woe and Triumph

Morgan Floyd, InfoSec Training & Awareness Coordinator, Cyber Assurance, Texas Health & Human Services

Training security professionals so they can better defend our organizations should be an uncomplicated process, but in the rapid-changing industry of cybersecurity, it's surprisingly difficult.  We know they need training but how do we know which training? To answer that question, we created a program, based on the NICE Framework, that identifies what our security professionals do and helps us understand what they need.




Closing Remarks 

Menachem Goldstein, FISSEA Co-Chair

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Created May 2, 2023, Updated October 17, 2023