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Digital Identity Guidelines Webinar (1): Digital Identity Risk Management and Assurance Level Selection

The first webinar in the Digital Identity Guidelines Webinar Series will center on a discussion of risk as it relates to digital identity. Panelists will explore the various lenses through which digital identity can be viewed, the variety and breadth of risks associated with digital identity, and how those risks might be considered in organizational, societal, and individual contexts.

Series Overview

This is part of the Digital Identity Guidelines Webinar Series. In furtherance of NIST’s effort to gain critical input on the Draft Fourth Revision to NIST Special Publication 800-63, Digital Identity Guidelines (Draft NIST SP 800-63-4) we will be hosting a three-part webinar series that will explore different aspects of the guidance and seek to gain additional input from the public. Each session will feature a panel of experts weighing on the specific topics, a moderated Slack discussion open to the public, and an extended Q&A session.

Created February 13, 2023, Updated February 22, 2023