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Initial Meeting of the IoT Advisory Board

NIST is pleased to announce that dates have been set for the IoTAB’s inaugural meeting. The first meeting will take place January 18-19, 2023, from 11:00am to 5:00pm ET each day, via WebEx hosted by the NCCoE. The formal announcement of the meeting can be found in the Federal Register.

All meetings of the IoTAB will be open to the public. A registration page is available for the January meeting sessions. A draft agenda is provided below.

The public can email comments for consideration by the IoTAB to barbara.cuthill [at] (Barbara Cuthill), IoT Advisory Board Secretariat, prior to the meeting; the deadline to submit comments to be received at this meeting is Thursday, January 12, 2023 by 5:00pm Eastern time. Individuals who submit comments may have an opportunity (on a first-come, first-served basis) to present and discuss them at the meeting during the afternoon of the January 19th meeting session (presenters will be limited to 5 minutes each). The public is also invited to send written statements for the board’s consideration at any time, however such statements will not be presented at the meeting. More information regarding comments and written statements is published in the Federal Register Notice.

Day 1 January 18, 2023 (8 am to 2 pm PST, 11 to 5 pm EST)

(all times below are EST)

11:00 AM Opening and welcome

  • Introduction of the Chairs/Open the meeting – Barbara Cuthill, DFO
  • Opening Statements, Agenda review and target outcomes for Days 1 and 2 – Benson Chan, Chair and Dan Caprio, Vice Chair
  • NIST introductions – Alison Kahn and Katerina Megas, NIST co-chairs of the IoT Federal Working Group
  • Board member introductions - each member
  • Review of IoT AB charter, scope, expectations – Alison Kahn and Katerina Megas
  • Administrative information and FACA Overview – Barbara Cuthill (backup DFO: Jeffrey Brewer)

12:00 Noon IoT AB Operating Model discussion – Benson Chan and Dan Caprio leading the full membership

  • Approach and outcomes
  • Report outline (proposed)
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Discussion of broader framework

12:45 PM Break

1:00 PM Board member statements

  • Each members to provide 10 minutes speech/presentation on benefits, opportunities, barriers, etc. of IoT from their perspective

4:30 PM Summary of day – Benson Chan

5:00 PM Adjourn

Day 2 January 19, 2023 (8 am to 2 pm PST, 11 to 5 pm EST)

11:00 AM - Opening and agenda review for day 2 – Benson Chan and Dan Caprio

11:15 AM - Topic discussion continued (key themes - opportunities, benefits, barriers, spectrum, policies/programs, international matters, impact on small businesses) – All IoT Advisory Board Members participating

  • Smart traffic and transit technologies;
  • Augmented logistics and supply chains;
  • Sustainable infrastructure;
  • Precision agriculture;
  • Environmental monitoring;
  • Public safety
  • Health care

3:15 PM  Break

3:30 PM Invited Speaker – Justin Sherman and Patrick Mitchell, Atlantic Council

4:00 PM Public Comments – 5 minutes each

  • Rick Lane
  • François-Frédéric Ozog,, GSA TIES lead for automotive multi-tenancy group

4:15 PM Closing Remarks, Recap of meeting, next steps and actions – Benson Chan and Dan Caprio

5:00 PM Closing of the meeting and Adjournment– Barbara Cuthill, DFO   

Created December 5, 2022, Updated January 17, 2023