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Life Cycle Assessment of Plastics


This webinar will present the results from two studies on life cycle assessment of plastics sponsored by NIST's Circular Economy Program:

  • Paul Rikhter from VitalMetrics Group will present their findings from "Life Cycle Environmental Impacts of Plastics: A Review" that reviews the existing literature to evaluate the state of current data and knowledge on plastics life cycle environmental impacts and identify areas for future research that could be pursued to improve the circularity of plastics.
  • Taemin Kim from Argonne National Laboratory will present their findings from "Plastic LCA Evaluation Across Available LCA Modeling Tools and Databases" that evaluates life cycle assessment databases and tools for a range of polymer pathways, including different end-of-life scenarios, to identify data and research gaps that could be targeted to improve quantifying circularity of plastics.


Paul Rikhter
VitalMetrics Group
paul [at] (paul[at]vitalmetrics[dot]com)

Taemin Kim
Argonne National Laboratory
tlkim [at] (tlkim[at]anl[dot]gov)

Created November 10, 2022, Updated November 15, 2022