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NICE Webinar: The Credentialing Economy and What It Means for Cybersecurity Skills

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Karen Elzey Picture
Credit: Karen Elzey


Karen Elzey
Associate Executive Director

Katie Hall Picture
Credit: Katie Hall


Katie Hall
Director of The Competency Project
Corporation for a Skilled Workforce



The traditional credentials of academic diplomas or degrees, industry-recognized certifications, and workplace experience have been the gold standard for entering into and advancing in the cybersecurity workforce.  However, there are a variety of different learning approaches, alternative ways to document achievements, and multiple career pathways that lead to a job or successful career in cybersecurity.  This webinar will explore The State of Credentialing and how competencies evidenced by credentials are the New Currency for a Digital Economy.


The State of Credentialing
Corporation for Skilled Workforce
The Competency Project
Workcred – Aligning Credentials Across Industries and Organizations
Embedding Certifications Into Bachelor’s Degrees

Created January 7, 2021, Updated January 8, 2021