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NICE Webinar: The Credentialing Economy and What It Means for Cybersecurity Skills

NICE Webinar Archives Photo

The PowerPoint slides used during this webinar can be downloaded here.

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Karen Elzey Picture
Credit: Karen Elzey


Karen Elzey
Associate Executive Director

Katie Hall Picture
Credit: Katie Hall


Katie Hall
Founder and CEO



The traditional credentials of academic diplomas or degrees, industry-recognized certifications, and workplace experience have been the gold standard for entering into and advancing in the cybersecurity workforce.  However, there are a variety of different learning approaches, alternative ways to document achievements, and multiple career pathways that lead to a job or successful career in cybersecurity.  This webinar will explore The State of Credentialing and how competencies evidenced by credentials are the New Currency for a Digital Economy.


Aligning and Embedding Certifications and Bachelor’s Degrees
Appendices to Certification-Degree Pathways Project Framework
Corporation for Skilled Workforce
How Do Credentials Differ?
Questions for Universities to Ask Certification Bodies to Assess Quality of Certifications
The Competency Project
The State of Credentialing
Workcred – Aligning Credentials Across Industries and Organizations
Embedding Certifications Into Bachelor’s Degrees

Created January 7, 2021, Updated February 19, 2021