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Quantum Matters in Material Science (QMMS)


All materials are inherently quantum in nature but when the quantum phenomenon starts showing at the classical scale, experimentally we can leverage that for industrial applications such as superconductivity, topological insulators etc. Some of the important classes of materials used in quantum information processing (QIS) are based on a) ion-traps, b) defects, c) quantum-dot, d) Josephson-junction superconductors, and e) topological materials based.

As Materials Genome Initiative has been already been successful in expediting the discovery and characterization of energy and structural materials, it's compelling to apply the same approach to quantum materials, as they have immense potential for QIS applications.To do so, it is essential to have good synergy between the experimental and the computational approaches. This workshop aims at accelerating this effort.

To make the workshop as effective as possible we plan to mainly focus on inorganic superconductor and topological materials but are not limited by it. Some of the key topics to be addressed by both theory and experiments are: 1) discovery and characterization of new superconductors/topological materials, 2) optimization of known quantum materials, 3) investigation of defect induced behavior and transitions, 4) quantum memory applications, 5) challenges in applying QIS technologies at industrial scale.

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Created August 21, 2020, Updated November 6, 2020