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NICE Webinar: Addressing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap at Scale - Introducing Learning and Employment Records

NICE Webinar Archives Photo

The PowerPoint slides used during this webinar can be downloaded here.

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Rick Torres (Resized)
Credit: Rick Torres

Rick Torres
President and CEO
National Student Clearinghouse

NICE Alex Kaplan
Credit: Alex Kaplan

Alex Kaplan
Global Leader, Blockchain and AI for Industry Credentials
IBM Talent and Transformation

Darin Hobbs (Resized)
Credit: Darin Hobbs

Darin R. Hobbs
Director of Academic Records & Credentials
Western Governors University

NICE Frank Cicio
Credit: iQ4

Frank C. Cicio Jr.
CEO and Founder


We are living in a skills-based economy where employers are seeking ways for learners (employees, job seekers, and students) to provide evidence of their skills or competencies.  A national, Learning and Employer Record (LER) infrastructure will support learners by enabling them and education and training providers to match their skills or competencies and attainment to career positions they are pursuing.  At the same time, this allows employers to better articulate the skills or competencies they require to search for, develop, recruit, and manage talent.  The National Student Clearinghouse, IBM, Western Governor’s University, and iQ4 have joined together to establish a pilot program to provide a test bed for a Cybersecurity Learning and Employment Record.  This webinar will introduce the emergence of LER’s and describe the cybersecurity pilot project.


Fixing the Mismatch Between Skills and jobs:  A Pilot Project to Test Learning and Employment Records

LER — The Learning and Employment Record for a Skills-Based Economy

The Learning and Employment Record Resource Hub

White Paper on Learning and Employment Record (also known as LER)

Comprehensive Learner Record (also known as CLR)

IBM Learning Credential Network


Created September 14, 2020, Updated December 21, 2020