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2020 Virtual Portrait Gallery Ceremony

Two rows of three black and white headshots: Portrait Gallery 2020

Portrait Gallery honorees for 2020 (across): Norman B. Belecki, John L. Gross, Mary H. Saunders, Daniel W. Lozier, Keith R. Lykke and Michael R. Moldover

Credit: NIST

The 2020 Portrait Gallery Induction Ceremony will be held online on October 23 at 10:30 a.m. EDT and 8:30 a.m. MDT.

Six former NIST employees will be honored for their contributions to NIST and the nation, and their portraits will be added to the NIST Gallery of Distinguished Scientists, Engineers and Administrators.

Standards Alumni Association President Brian Belanger will open the ceremony, and NIST Director Walter Copan will give opening remarks.

Please join us online as we celebrate the following six additions to the NIST Gallery of Distinguished Scientists, Engineers and Administrators:

Norman B. Belecki (Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1970-1999)
For his exemplary contributions to improved dissemination of the nation's electrical units, and the development and promotion of an internationally accepted system to assure the nationwide traceability of measurement results to the SI.

John L. Gross (Engineering Laboratory, 1983-2016)
For advancing understanding of how and why structures fail — using disaster investigations, developing novel laboratory tools and facilities, and leading standards improvements to make buildings and other structures safer.

Daniel W. Lozier (Information Technology Laboratory, 1969-2019)
For outstanding technical contributions and exceptional leadership to provide an online, interactive, and authoritative reference for special functions of applied mathematics, the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.

Keith R. Lykke (Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1997-2016)
For revolutionizing absolute radiometric calibration methods and increasing the accuracy of measurements relevant to long-term global climate change and daily weather forecasting.

Michael R. Moldover (Physical Measurement Laboratory, 1972-2019)
For creatively advancing standards for measuring thermophysical properties of fluids and for best-in-the world measurements of fluid properties, fluid flow, thermodynamic temperature, and the Boltzmann constant resulting in worldwide scientific impact,

Mary H. Saunders (Director's Office, 1993-2008, 2011-2017)
For exceptional leadership in standards policy development and implementation at the highest levels of government and the private-sector-led standards community and as NIST’s chief operating officer.

Created October 16, 2020