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NICE Webinar: The Challenge of That First Job in Cybersecurity - Entry Level Roles and How to Qualify

NICE Webinar Archives Photo

The PowerPoint slides used during the webinar can be downloaded here.


Casey O'Brien
Credit: Casey O'Brien

Casey O'Brien
Executive Director and Principal Investigator
National CyberWatch Center

NICE Susan Chiang
Credit: Susan Chiang

Susan Chiang
Head of Security Program Management and Business Operations

Jennifer Bate
Credit: Jennifer Bate


Jennifer Bate 
Associate Consulting Engineer


Despite the incredible shortage of talent in cybersecurity, it can be enormously challenging for career entrants to find their first role. What can candidates do to prepare where their lack of experience holds them back? What roles are considered entry-level from the employer perspective? What are pathways for those who wish to career-switch? This webinar will explore the unique challenges and opportunities from the perspective of educators, employers, and job-seekers.


Created May 12, 2020, Updated June 24, 2020