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Foundational Cybersecurity Guidance for IoT Device Manufacturers: NISTIR 8259 Overview

Video Recording from the Event

On June 30, NIST will host a virtual-only event, Foundational Cybersecurity Guidance for IoT Device Manufacturers: NISTIR 8259 Overview.

On May 29, NIST released final NISTIRs 8259 and 8259A, representing a major milestone in IoT cybersecurity. The publications present six foundational activities and a core baseline of IoT device cybersecurity capabilities for manufacturers as a starting point towards building more securable devices. NIST is now adapting NISTIRs 8259 and 8259A to formulate a federal profile that defines the cybersecurity device capabilities needed to enable federal agency adoption of more securable IoT devices. NIST Program Manager, Kat Megas, shed light on the background and impact of these publications in a June 1, 2020 blog.

The event will feature presentations from NIST's Kat Megas and Michael Fagan, followed by audience Q&A. IoT device manufacturers and all users of industrial and/or home IoT devices are encouraged to attend.

Created June 10, 2020, Updated July 23, 2020