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NSCI Seminar: Opportunities and Needs for NIST Leadership in Advanced Computing—One person’s Perspective

This meeting has been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

“NIST promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology” – so says the NIST web site. NIST has had a successful history of being involved in advanced computing. For example, NIST Special Publication 800-53 has become the foundation of essentially all cybersecurity plans for advanced computing facilities in the public sector. NIST definitions for cloud computing rendered inchoate hype into what was at least a set of clear concepts. There are tremendous needs and opportunities for NIST in advanced computing, in both high performance computing and big data computing. We are approaching the 30th anniversary of the High Performance Computing Act. Things are very different now and changing rapidly. This talk will be heavy on opinions based on decades of experience in advanced computing and will provide the perspective of one person who has had a career in research and development that was absolutely dependent upon the services of NIST. Provocative and hopefully interesting topics will be presented for discussion.


NSCI Seminar

Dr. Craig A. Stewart

Dr. Stewart is a leading innovator and strategist in advanced computing and cyberinfrastructure for research and development. Dr. Stewart is currently the Executive Director of the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute (IU_PTI). IU_PTI is Indiana University’s flagship organization for research and development in cyberinfrastructure, informatics, and computer science in support of science and engineering research, artistic creativity, and cybersecurity. Stewart’s personal research focus is in advanced computing architectures – particularly the optimal use and mix of high performance computing, cloud computing to solve challenging problems in data analysis and simulation. Stewart is one of the top researchers in the world on the topic of return on investment in advanced cyberinfrastructure. Stewart was the founding PI of Jetstream, the first cloud computing system funded by the National Science Foundation for production use by the general science and engineering community of the US.

Outside attendees need to contact Barry Schneider in order to obtain the site badges required to enter NIST grounds and to attend the seminar. 24 hour notice is required for US citizens and 3 days for non-US citizens. Please contact bis [at] (bis[at]nist[dot]gov) to be added to the visitor list. Visitors must check in at the NIST Visitor Center to pick up their badges. A photo ID is required for US citizens and a passport or green card for foreign nationals.

Created April 23, 2019, Updated May 22, 2019