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Cryogenic Resonator Workshop

Working closely with NIST, Google and the University of Colorado Boulder are establishing a superconducting microwave resonator testbed which will be used to standardize single photon loss measurements. On Friday, February 8, a community workshop will be held to kick off the project. The workshop will include plenary talks as well as panels to discuss the current issues seen by researchers performing these measurements and determine the most impactful experiments.


The workshop will take place in Multipurpose Room B at the Village Centre on the Williams Village Campus (map here) southeast of CU Boulder main campus. For accommodations, we recommend the Boulder Marriott or the Best Western Plus Boulder Inn.


The afternoon session consists of two focused panel discussions: 

  1. fridge set-up including wiring attenuation, thermalization, and sample mounting, and  
  2. resonator measurements, data analysis, and modelling. 

Each group is invited to contribute 2-3 slides for each panel to kick off discussion. For each panel, please include recent resonator measurements from your group that highlight issues and deviations from the ideal that may be clarified through additional experiments. Each group representative is asked to present their slides in 5 minutes, followed by a discussion. 


9:00 am: Project and workshop introduction
9:30 am: Plenary talks (20 min followed by 10 min of questions):

  • Ben Palmer
  • Martin Weides
  • Greg Calusine
  • Moe Khalil
  • Tom Ohki

12:00 pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Panel 1: Experimental set-up and design
3:00pm: Panel 2: Data analysis and software
5:00pm: Summary and action items

7:00pm: Reception at the Connection in the University Memorial Centre



Created November 30, 2018, Updated January 30, 2019