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The CPS Framework Open Source Workshop

The CPS Framework Open Source Workshop draws on the CPS Public Working Group’s “Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems”* and aims to contribute to the creation of a community of experts, focused on enhancing their systems engineering practices to include the distinct methods and tools associated with the logical vs. the physical elements of CPS. The vision of the CPS Framework and the CPS Open Source Project is to enable a systematic and comprehensive, concern-based methodology for analyzing and developing CPS. By integrating the critical questions associated with the Concerns enumerated in the CPS Framework, one succeeds in integrating the specific science and practices characteristic of those concerns. The purpose of this workshop is to orient the participants as to the CPS Framework, release the results of early efforts to model the Framework in UML/XML/XSLT and to demonstrate the use of the CPS Framework models in system development.

* The NIST CPS Framework was developed by the CPS Public Working Group as the output of a two-year effort of over 500 representatives of industry, government and academia and the workshop report was published on May 26, 2016. Subsequently a reworked version of that output has been refined by the SGCPS and have appeared as NIST Special Publications SP 1500-201 ( and SP 1500-202 (

Created August 16, 2017, Updated October 11, 2017